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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Chef Miguel Angel Rebolledo

I met Miguel a couple of months ago and I have to say he is one of the most charismatic, nicest and talented Chefs I know. He always has a big smile to greet you with, and a delicious dish to leave you in awe...   His resume talks by itself, he worked at El Bulli, world known for being the most controversial and experimental restaurant in the world which received over 1'000,000 reservations per year. Not only this, but he worked hand to hand with Chef Jose Andres, recognized by Times Magazine on the "Time 100" list of most influential...

February is for Extra LOVE

February arrived! and for me and my family it was all hearts and sweets ❤ I wish! LOL! But it is a good excuse to bake and share some good cooking love.  I decided on baking cakes for my kid's school friends, but the egg allergies came along with one of Mila's good friend! So it was time to try the eggless cake recipe and off course I like to make the kids try different things so we went of a healthy topping instead of the cream (which I know they rather have..)  To be honest, this was the hardest...

Healthy Pancakes Easy and Quick

One of my first "food hacks" for the family were pancakes! My husband loves a sunday breakfast full of pancakes with the forever traditional aunt Jemima Syrup... (I know...Not healthy at all). I researched some of the fitness gurus pancake recipes. I tried making oatmeal pancakes in many versions, and honestly they never tasted as good as the originals nor were they a fluffy pancake. So back at square one, I decided to start adding oats to the mix, but before giving Mila the chance to reject it (I also fear at that look on her face, with the infamous "What is that Mommy?! I don't like it!), I made oat...

Easy CeREAL Fun Recipe

Meet my little Chefs! These two are the ones to blame for our conscious eating; from the moment I was pregnant with Mila I started questioning our eating habits and knew that a LOT of changes needed to be made! I began reading about how to nourish my body (and soul), and understanding the real meaning of eating. Learning how to cook things that I love but in a healthier version has been awesome! Yes, it's not easy! and Yes, many things don't taste the same, but you know what? there are many other new favorites I have developed! and...

Let's Enjoy!

I would like to make a wake up call to US! Yes US because sometimes I also forget to do it to. My invitation is to Enjoy the food you prepare! I remember as a little girl going to my grandmothers house I would always see her finising dinners last details, the house smelled good, we all gathered as a family and waited anxiously for the food to be ready... I'm pretty sure many of you can relate to the feeling and that you are almost able to smell that food.... Back then they took pride in cooking good food,...