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Healthy Pancakes Easy and Quick

One of my first "food hacks" for the family were pancakes! My husband loves a sunday breakfast full of pancakes with the forever traditional aunt Jemima Syrup... (I know...Not healthy at all). I researched some of the fitness gurus pancake recipes. I tried making oatmeal pancakes in many versions, and honestly they never tasted as good as the originals nor were they a fluffy pancake.

So back at square one, I decided to start adding oats to the mix, but before giving Mila the chance to reject it (I also fear at that look on her face, with the infamous "What is that Mommy?! I don't like it!), I made oat flour by putting the oats in the blender. I added that flour to the mix and no one noticed it! Mila loved them, and I felt like a champ for being able to offer a healthier option... So gradually the oat flour disappeared and the actual oats came in, and she loves them!

Mila and IsaacWhen it comes to introducing food to your kids try to do it slowly and start changing small portions of the ingredients of their favorite dishes! Don't let that fear be greater than the intention of setting healthier habits!

Before I give you the recipe, let me just say its dummy proof, you don't have to be exact in the measurements! 


First mix the dry ingredients 

Mila and IsaacSteps:

1. Mix the oats, pancake mix and Pur Superfoods Raw Chia, then add the milk and eggs until you have a consistent pancake batter. 

2. On a very hot griddle or pan, add some coconut oil and with a scoop pour the batter over. 

3. Flip the pancakes after bubbles rise to to surface and bottoms are brown (about 2 to 4 minutes)

4. Serve with HONEY and your favorite fruits and even cheese!

5. {ENJOY}



PS: It took a while to get used to not using syrup, but we now love it!


We love pancakes!











See Mila and Isaac cooking this recipe:




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