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About Us

We are a family owned company that believes in the products and lifestyle we promote!

In the process of raising two children we found ourselves with the urgency of providing better and more nutritious food to them and to change our habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle overall.

Our business started with Quinoa, a healthy option to replace carbs but as we informed ourselves about healthier options we opened ourselves to Superfoods and discovered the amazing properties of it.

Having two kids has forced us to be more creative and realize how much there is to learn, although we don't have vegan kids, they don't always like to eat animal protein, which has been our biggest reason to explore more about food.

Pur Superfoods is our fifth family member, we have invested a lot of love and time to be able to provide you and your family or business with great products that will add a lot of nutrition to each meal.

Our Mantra “Conscious Eating, healthy living”