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Our first PUR post! 

Welcome to our Blog! 

My name is Catalina, co-founder of PurSuperfoods, mother of two little ones and a forever dreamer. 

I hope you come to enjoy our blog and follow us on this great adventure, try my recipes, learn how to give back to earth and hopefully invite others to follow us! 


I want to start off by telling you a little bit about myself and what goals I have intended for PurSuperFoods

I am a FOODIE and anyone that knows me can tell you that I am the type of person that savors and enjoys each and EVERY bite of food! :D; Because I am sooo passionate about it, I'm always exploring with different types of cousins, ingredients, and ways to prepare meals. All of this while trying to keep a balance between the good and the not so good. But continuously enjoying what I eat and how I nurture my body. 

As a mother I have developed a consciousness for a healthy living. That includes habits, eating, sports and spiritual paths among other. It was my decision to always prepare my kids food from their very first baby food to the ones I send them to school with everyday. It has gotten to the point that my very sweet and innocent Mila (4 years old at the time) when asked what she wanted to be as a grown up, answered: "I want to be a CHEF just like mommy" *{LOVE}* on the other hand my friends are continuously asking me for advice on how to make their kids eat healthier and what recipes to make, which inspired and brought me here: the PurSuperFoods blog.

Our misión is to create a better place to live in, by giving back to earth, and selling great quality products that can help you have a better nutrition. 

So join me on this adventure! I will be sharing my experience and giving you through my experience many recipes, tips and ideas that you can later share with your loved ones.

Welcome to our online store, our blog and a healthy new you! 

Leave us your questions, comments and send us pics of your meals directed by our recipes. 



Catalina Saldarriaga


  • Posted on by Melissa

    So proud!!!!!! Keep it up.

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